Essential oil distiller 5 l [3Ltr column]

Stainless steel essential oil distiller  – with the 3 liters column for the home stove. Efficient & compact design. Designed specifically for the distillation of herbal plants


Boiler – 5 liters; Column – 3 liters

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🤍 Compatible with electric, gas, induction stove tops

🤍All needed accessories

🤍Yield up to 19 ml / 25 min

🤍 Proven durability

🤍 Simple distillation process

🤍 Easy to clean

🤍 Compact design

👉 The main feature (refillable column) It takes 5 minutes to refill the column in order to get multiple yield!.

Package contains

Boiler, Column & condenser,  Tri-clamp,  Silicone gasket, Oil separator,  Water hose, Tap adapter, Thermometer

Boiler 5 liters distiller
Column and detailes
water hose - silicone
didgital thermpmeter 2 v
Contain of the package

Package contains

Boiler, Column & condenser,  Tri-clamp,  Silicone gasket, Oil separator,  Water hose, Tap adapter, Thermometer

Contain of the package
didgital thermpmeter 2 v
Column and detailes
water hose - silicone
Boiler 5 liters distiller


🔳 Why did we choose stainless steel

🔳 What’s wrong with Copper | Glass extractors

Our essential oil extractor is made of high-grade stainless steel in order to be inert to the compounds being distilled, and be able to sustain the distillation temperatures without altering the composition or releasing toxic chemicals.

Copper essential oil distiller danger harmful
Glass distiller

Copper extractors that are used sometimes in spirit industry are completely forbidden for essential oils since copper acts as a catalyst for many of their compounds, breaking them down and degrading the quality of the essential oil.

Glass  extractors are good for labs, but unfortunately extremely fragile for home use. Glass breaks. If it is full of boiling explosive gas and sitting on a flame or other heat source when it does so – You are likely to be in the hospital (at best) By the way, volume would be quite an issue as easily obtainable glassware for a column is probably limited to about 0,5 L.

connecting water to hydrosol distiller

1. Connect water

2. Fill the column with herbs

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Pour water into boiler

3. Pour water into the boiler

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4. Assemble the extractor & place on the stove

turn on power - distillation setup

5. Turn on power | Boil water

collect hydrosols

6. Collect hydrosols

  • It is recommended to use approx. 0,5 kg of the raw material for obtaining1 L of hydrosol.
  • Depending on the quality of the hydrosol you can increase or decrease the quantity of raw material for 1 L of hydrosol obtaining.
  • Change the container for collecting the hydrosol every 30 minutes, the hydrosol that you get from the first container will have a strong and rich smell, the hydrosol in the second container will have a less strong smell, etc. At the end of the distillation, you decide whether to mix the hydrosols from different containers or leave and use like this


Leak proof - hermetic connection

Do you want to produce x4 essential oil?

More than 40 ml of rosemary oil per 25 min. Advanced distillation kit for making oils.

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Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions53 × 26 × 26 cm

1,5 mm

Column capacity

3 liters

Boiler capacity

5 liters


Rosemary oil 19 ml \ 25 min, Lavender 15 ml \ 25 min

Height (distiller)

50 cm, 18,5"

Width (distiller)

28 cm

Bottom diameter

23 cm, 9"

Water hose

Length: 1,5 m
Diameter inside: 7 mm(9/32 ″)




Stainless steel, PVC(U)





6 reviews for Essential oil distiller 5 l [3Ltr column]

4.8 Rating
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  1. Purchased my distiller, seller has been very responsive to questions and product has been fun to use. I’ve since purchased a hot plate and a bucket with pump to make my operation mobile. Great product!

  2. the distiller arrived intact and in good time, there is one missing part which is on its way without any question. Thank you so much, good hardworking honest people ,a joy to do business with you all. Peace Chandra

  3. Very compact and solid kit, easy to set up and to manipulate. I spent quite some time cleaning it though. You have to clean the welding dust, than you should clean the still with lemon juice and then do a distillate with vinegar to make sure you got rid of any residue, because the smell of the distilled water you ´ ll end up with will be awful if the still is not well prepared. I scrapped a couple of distillation because of it. I have yet to obtain oils in the column that came with the kit, but having the scented water is cool. I can see oils in the collected water though, so I bought a lab separator to pour the water in, let it sit there and see if I could recuperate the oils that way.

  4. Seriously, it’s a good choice. I’m very happy. The distillation Column is delivered and everything took place at no additional cost. Thank you very much for this approach. The package was well packed.

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