Hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant materials. "Flower waters" are often soft and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterpart. For the steam distillation of hydrosols, you can use equipment without an oil separator.
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Using scented hydrosols is very popular in saunas. When water is ladled over the sauna stones, the steam gives off a pleasant fragrance. 

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Hydrosol distillation kit


Hydrosols are the aromatic waters produced when plant and flower materials are steam distilled. Hydrosols contain just as much powerful plant materials as the essential oil, but in a much larger amount of water. In other words, the gentlest form of aromatherapy, which makes them a great choice for treating children, people with sensitive skin, or the elderly.

Their aromas are often soft and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterpart. Other common names include hydrolate, herbal water, and essential water.



Where hydrosols are used? 

body mist - uses hydrosol
hydrosols for turkish bath and dinland sauna
hydrosol face fresher

- I love to use them as a facial toner and aftershave. I’ll even use hydrosols as a body spray when I get out of the shower. Also, I use them in our electric diffusers and home humidifiers. When we come to gather with friends for the sauna, I often take my hydrolates to make this event more special!

Process of hydrosol distillation

Making hydrosols

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Hydrolats in the sauna

Why Isn’t Everyone Talking About Hydrosols?

“If Hydrosols are so great, why haven’t I ever heard of them before?” you ask. Because the current marketing push is for essential oils, not hydrosols. The Big Two, and most other essential oil companies, don’t sell hydrosols. So why would they educate you about them?

What's the difference between essential oil and hydrosol distillation equipment?

Hydrosols are made using the exact same process as essential oils: steam distillation. The process uses only the power of steam and heat to release the most powerful components locked inside plants. The main difference is the completion of the set. This distillation kit doesn't include an oil separator.